Video Horse Racing

Video Horse Racing


  • Horse races consist of 5 customized video races featuring six horses to bet on in each race. A customized Race Program is made featuring the names of the horses and their individual stable owners. But there's a suprprise! Stable Owners are actually among your crowd, selected by you, and printed in the program, then broadcast during the race!


    Your crowd is encouraged to place their bets on their favorite horses prior to each race with a chance to parlay their "play money" and purchase prize tickets. Races are featured throughout the evening, broadcast on a projection screen with live racing audio calling out the race! It's interactive. It's exciting! It's fun!

  • 5 customized horse racing videos

    Video broadcast system with audio

    Custimized race program (up to 30 featured stable owners)

    Race Host/Emcee to introduce races and betting

    Play money for attendees to bet with (no real cash. no gambling.)

    Betting table with race cashiers

    2 hour run time for all 5 races with betting

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