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Event Planning

When everything goes just right, it's not by accident. From concept to completion, special events require careful attention be given to every aspect of the guest experience. There's food and beverage, transportation, meeting or presentation needs, audio-visual technologies, entertainment and decorations, to name a few. And in most cases, there will be hired experts in each area coordinating the details with you. And we can offer you our expertise in planning a perfect beginning, middle and/or ending to an event that has so much riding on the overall event and entertainment experience. 

We PLAN Entertainment

Because entertainment plays such a vital role at events, it's important to select entertainment that fits your group and meets your objective, leaving that lasting impression with all who attend! And whoever, or whatever you decide to put in front of your audience requires someone to facilitate or direct the timing, placement, duration, introduction and closing to key components of the party. It's the invisible touch in advance, behind the scenes that generates a seamless transition between segments of the larger event. So, when it's time to PLAN and coordinate your entertainment, whether it's a musician, band, DJ or party vendor, we can help make sure it goes right.

We PLAN and supply great Audio & Visual systems

Almost any event requires audio for Presenters, announcements, background music or video presentations. Good quality audio presentation is a critical element of making sure your message is received, clearly as planned for by the leaders of your organization. Too often, this critical element of the event is overlooked, untested, unrehearsed and presumed to be above par or adequate because it's included at the venue! That is the #1 mistake made by Event Planners everywhere. They fail to plan for the audio and sound needs before it's too late. With Entertainment Warehouse, we will plan, advise, inspect, rehearse and/or supply the audio equipment your event requires to sound great, indoors or out, large event or small. You need music, no problem! In every case our PLAN is to have your back! So PLAN it with us.

We PLAN impressions with Lighting & Decor

Event Planning

Looking for more options, details or upgrades? Request a Price Quote or call us and we will help you find the perfect DJ or Emcee set up for your next event!

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