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Team Building is a fun and interactive way of competing and solving problems together. Our team will help plan, develop, organize and execute a Team building exercise or full day program to fit your organization or outing.
Planning your Team Building event is a process and takes time. We want to get familiar with your organization and a desired outcome and objective for your exercise.
1. How many people will participate.
2. The team building objective. What we need to accomplish.
3. Where the activities will take place.
4. The time given for the entire event, and each exercise.
5. Limitations - This is a big topic, covering many subjects. We will help you!
6. Budget: The cost to plan, develop, direct and execute an effective event is estimated based on the considerations above, along with other factors such as logistics, materials, resources and onsite staffing.
Human Foosball competition at a company event
Extreme Team Trivia customized for a client
People competing at giant twister
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