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'High Roller' - Mid Size Event

'High Roller' - Mid Size Event

Perfect for 100-150 people.

Full service hosted event program.

Venue coordination.

Room layout and design.

Prize & give-a-way facilitation.

Rules of play. (legal vs. illegal)

Equipment delivery and set up.

Licensed / Insured.

Member of Partnership Spokane.

  • A turnkey, full service entertainment program designed for crowd interaction, without the risk! The casino games will be packed with enthusiastic risk takers, trying to win it all, but have nothing to lose. Casino floor thrills of high stakes gambling, with friendly dealers who turn the casino games into a giant party pit! Our team will help you plan, produce and deliver entertainment that is sure to be a crowd pleasing activity for everyone at the party, no matter their skill at gambling or their fear of losing in the real world.

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