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Use your iPod, Tablet or Laptop to play music

Music & Playlists Available! You be the DJ!

Now, get professional playlists for your party, made by professional DJs who know just what audiences love to hear! Best of the 70's-90's, Current, Pop, R&B, Mowtown, Country, Jazz, Background and more! Having a theme party? We got you covered, still: 80's, Disco, Roaring Twenties, Marti Gras, let's do this and make it fun!

  • Offering music to an audience seems easy. Consider the following and if you need advice we're happy to help you!


    1. What segments of the event need music and why?
    2. What is the music for, at the time: Listening or Dancing?
    3. What style of music will create the mood for your audience?
    4. How much variety do you want for your crowd?
    5. Who is going to manage it?
  • When you make your playlists, be sure to think about everyone who will be listening and enjoying your music. Consider the mood you're trying to match, or create with your music. Be mindful of volume levels and considerate of speaker placement. Great music is enjoyable when it's confortable to listen to and appropriate for the setting or occassion. Have fun creating your own soundtrack. If you need some helpful advice don't hesitate to call us!

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