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Speaker and microphone rental system for weddings in Spokane, WA

iParty Wedding PA System

The iParty Wedding PA System is the perfect audio solution for your big day. This system includes two powerful, high-quality speakers, 6 ch. stereo mixer and a wireless microphone. It also features reliable connectivity for your phone or tablet so you have uninterrupted music for the entire event. With easy setup and operation, the iParty Wedding PA System will ensure that your wedding ceremony and reception sound amazing. Trust us to provide you with the best audio equipment for your special day. Bluetooth options available separately. Reserve your now.

  • This "Wedding" sound (public address) system includes amplified speakers, multi channel stereo mixer with a professional vocal microphone, plus a wireless lapel microphone for the Pastor. High quality sound for indoors or outside. Power and clarity offers you high fidelity sound with two (340 watt) active loud speakers on tripod stands. This system is expandable, so you can add on additional speakers to expand the coverage area for larger events and parties. More speakers provide higher quality sound without having to increase volume. Each speaker has indivisual volume control with contour adjustment for great music broadcast. (wireless microphones available seperately.)

    You supply the music source (ipod, mp3 player, laptop or stereo). Any music device with an audio output or headphone output will work.

  • 2 Mackie SRM450 Active Loud Speakers

    2 Speaker stands

    1 Mixer

    1 Corded Microphone

    1 Microphone cable (25'-50')

    1 Wireless Lapel Microphone

    1 PC stereo cable

    2 50' speaker cables

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