Blackjack games for rent


Full service custom casino event

Hours of play and give aways

Rules of play

Venue coordination in advance

Equipment delivery and set up

Licensed / Insured



Complete audio system with music

Onsite Director/Producer

Prize give-a-way facilitation

  • A turnkey, full service entertainment program with crowd interaction and Vegas style fun! Hosted events include all the planning, staffing, set up and presentation you would expect from a professional event company. Our team will direct and facilitate the casino program so that you and your team can relax and enjoy the fun! With the largest inventory of casino games in the Inland Northwest, we can outfit your event with the right variety and number of games to ensure your crowd has a great party experience. We are an experienced event company that understands the importance of a smooth flowing, smooth running event program. By working together we will help you outfit your event with great entertainment and make you look like a rock star!

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