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Authentic High Striker strong man Carnival Game for rent

High Striker

Looking to add some excitement to your next event or carnival? Look no further than our High Striker game rental! This classic carnival game is sure to entertain and challenge guests of all ages. Participants can test their strength by using a mallet to strike the base of the game, sending the puck up the tower to ring the bell at the top. Our High Striker is a must-have for any carnival or fair, and is perfect for company picnics, festivals, and school events. Bring the fun and nostalgia of the carnival to your next gathering with our High Striker game rental.
  • This authentic High Striker carnival attraction is 14' tall. With a swing of the mallet, contentants try to ring the bell! Ding the bell, win a prize! Carnival attendees will love trying their shot at making noise with this game.


    No electrical required. Must be attended at all times. Some simple assembly onsite required.

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