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Rent carpet for events


Event decor will accessorize and enhance your event space. Branding options such as TV screens, or posters on easels offer nice welcoming visuals for your guests. Perimeter room lighting or draping adds warmth, color and uniqueness to multi purpose banquet space. Perfect placement of audio and video equipment is essential to the overall presentation. Whether enhancing the main entrance or lighting the dining room interior, these options can have a big impact with distinguished guests and attendees. For more information and details on how we can help you optimize your event space with decor and entertainment, call us today!

    1. Perimeter Uplighting - Single Wall, choice of color
    2. Permiter Uplighting - Full Room, choice of color
    3. Hollywood Gala style sweeping lights on truss totems
    4. Entryway slide show montage with custom branding - single or dual TV monitors
    5. Casino themed archway entrance
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