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Audio Guest Book

Audio Guest Book

An Audio Guest Book captures a moment in time that is authentic and unfiltered. Guests answer the call and leave you a sentimental Voice message right from your wedding, party or milestone event. 


You can create a custom greeting, inviting guests to leave you a message, inviting short stories, encouragement, or some words of wisdom. These commemorative treasures will last forever as a most memorable way to reflect on a very special time. Call us for a demo or sample!

    1. Reserve your Audio Guest Book for a weekend, or period of 1-3 days.
    2. Provide a custom Audio Greeting, or allow us to record a professional greeting for you. Your Phone will be set up for your event and ready to pick up.
    3. Set up your audio guest book at your event, using easy to follow instructions.
    4. Return the Audio Guest Book phone. Your audio recordings will be processed and provided digitally by flashdrive, or downloadable file.
    5. Open a bottle of wine, or beverage of choice and enjoy!
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