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Casino Dealers

Name Tags

All name tags need to be turned in at the end of the event.

Check In

The Event Contact for this event is listed in the email. Upon arrival, please locate the Dealer Roster Sign-In/Out sheet - this is your timesheet for the event. You will need to sign in AND out in order to be paid on time. Please find the table that has been assigned to you. Store your coats and bags at/under your table. Entertainment Warehouse, our client, or the venue are not responsible for your personal belongings.

Break Down

Please DO NOT begin to tear-down your equipment (or pack equipment up) until you are asked to do so by the on-site contact, or Emcee. You will be expected to strike your game station and assist with clean up following the gaming activity.


  • WOMEN: Black slacks or black dress pants (NO SKIRTS OR DRESSES). White button-up dress shirts with sleeves. Black dress shoes, black belt.

  • MEN: Black slacks or black dress pants, with long sleeved button-up white dress shirt. Wear black dress shoes and belts.

**Professional attire includes clean, pressed clothing. Cover body art and remove facial piercings**

All undergarments should be white. Please do not wear any additional accessories, such as a scarf, cardigan, sweater, piercings, etc. Dealers are to be in uniform (and in unison), and dress professional, representing Entertainment Warehouse, Inc. If your attire is unprofessional (other than what is listed within the email), you will be dismissed from the event.


As a friendly reminder, parking expenses are the employee's responsibility. Entertainment Warehouse, Inc. is NOT responsible for any personal belongings at the event, so please leave valuables secured safely in your car, or at home.


As a reminder, our weather can be unpredictable any time of the year. Please continue to check the forecast, and prepare your departure based on that. Please give plenty of EXTRA time to arrive on site at your scheduled time. If you can, always CARPOOL!!! Please note, those who are drivers of the carpool will NOT be reimbursed for milage (unless it's noted), so please make sure to chip in for those willing to drive you.

Thank you in advance for following the instructions. 

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