Photo Booth rental

Ice Breaker "Open Air" Package - 3 Hours

Basic "Open Air" Photo Machine  

(Networking Events, Small Office Party, After School Event)

Up to 3 Hours of photo time

Single curtain backdrop

Film-strip layout with 3 photos

Delivered and set up

Photo Attendant

  • The "open air" set up consists of our high quality photo machine with built in printer. From a single person to a large group, people assemble in the camera view to take 3 quick photos as they change poses, wear props or act silly. The machine captures these images, prints them and saves them into memory. Event photos can then be uploaded into an online photo catalog for you to view in the future (ask for details.).


    A single curtain backdrop is optional unless the customer has a photo background area or personal backdrop. The complete set up requires approx. 10ft. x 8ft. x 8ft. and requires a standard electrical outlet nearby.


    These photo booth machines use a professional Cannon DSLR camera to capture high quality images for print and/or video display. Prints consist of our standard 3 photo 'film strip' design, printed on 2"x 6" glossy photo paper. Custom print options, branding and graphics can be ordered and designed for your event (additional charges may apply.)


    Each person participating in the photo shot gets a personal print film strip print out. A Photo Attendant is present to greet guests, prepare them for their photo, distrubte props and hand out the photos.


    Ask us for more ideas to help promote your brand!

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